Optical fibre tool kit OFTK02


1 SLOTTED S/DRIVER 75 X 3.2MM                     

1 POZI S/DRIVER 75MM X No.1                          

1 MILLS 3M/10FT TAPE MEASURE                    

1 FIBRE STRIPPER 10A                                         

1 JUNIOR HACKSAW                                            

1 PRECISION S/DRIVER SET 7PCE                    

1 KEVLAR SCISSORS                                           

1 SC REWDRIVER 100 X 6MM                             

1 RETRACTABLE KNIFE                                      

1 BT1A STRIPPER RG 174 RG 187                                   

1 CABLE RINGING TOOL                                    

1 PLASTIC PARTS BOX                                                    

1 4OZ IPA DISPENSER                                                      

1 POZI S/DRIVER 60MM X No.0                                      


1 125MM STRAIGHT TWEEZER                          

1 LINT FREE WIPES                                                           

1 BLUE NO-NIK STRIPPER 150-200                    

1 COMBINATION PLIER 160MM (6 )                  

1 5" SIDE CUTTER                                                  

100x SPS-40-2.6-N                                                                

100x SPS-61-2.6-N

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